who we are

based in UAE, global ventures is a growth-focused venture capital firm, focused on enterprise technology investments.

when investing, we believe in local sourcing and global scaling.

we invest in the people behind the companiesfueling their growth and success.

our mission

global ventures backs founders creating innovative and disruptive companies.

we create bridges between industry veterans and disruptive innovators, between the west and the east; mindfully allocating capital and leveraging expertise to catalyze growth and create a next generation of success stories: changing the landscape of the MENA region by scaling companies and creating opportunities.

what we do

we work with our founders and entrepreneurs to identify areas where we can add the most value, and then we roll up our sleeves. we are a recruitment firm, we are investors, we are strategists, we are advisors, we are salespeople, we are a network. we create bridges between east and west. we bring industry veterans to work with start-ups and guide scaling. we structure partnerships and exits. we are partners. the entrepreneur's success is our success.

what we look for

our target investments span a wide range of sectors.

what they have in common is that they are revenue-generating companies that are leaders in their space, and are immensely scalable.






Global Ventures is a UAE-based, growth-focused venture capital firm investing in revenue-generating enterprise technology companies that can scale and create impact through creating massive employment opportunities in emerging markets.


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