Generative AI in the Middle East and Africa: Past, Present and Future

The world is currently experiencing the strongest wave of AI innovation and deployment to date. Generative AI is projected to transform companies, industries, and economies in most of the world. Its impact on the Middle East and Africa region will be monumental – in the ways businesses are built, create impact, and contribute to economic growth and development. In this whitepaper, we share some key trends shaping this technology in the region, its application across different sectors and what type of solution we are most excited about.

As we engage in a dialogue around GenAI, we acknowledge the dynamic nature of its development and deployment, both globally and regionally. Our aim is to gain a deeper understanding of how GenAI might find application across the industries we invest in. Through this process, we hope to support our ecosystem in navigating the potential of GenAI while remaining open to learning and identifying investment prospects where GenAI intersects with key innovation sectors.

We are looking forward to discussing these insights with you all, as well as supporting the most promising regional founders deploying GenAI solutions across sectors like healthcare, agriculture, education and supply chains, and more.

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