Max offers one fully integrated platform that fills the sizable infrastructure and service gap in Africa by: (1) connecting drivers to vehicles, EVs, services, users, enterprise, and RegTech; (2) enabling drivers to make money and be safe on the job and (3) enabling users to gain from reliable and safe transportation. Max is on a mission to aggregate, structure, and formalize the fragmented informal mobility market across Africa. They leverage strategic alliances with manufacturers and service providers; partnerships with driver communities and governments, low-cost credit, discounted insurance, and a mobile marketplace to ensure driver and customer retention. By providing drivers with access to a digital transport platform and affordable vehicle financing and services, Max increases average driver earnings to $12 daily (+65% compared to their informal sector counterparts), and up to $15 per day once they gain full ownership of their asset. As advocates for a greener planet, Max is leading the transition to sustainable and environmental-friendly mobility through the deployment of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and batteries across the board to support the transition.
Adetayo Bamiduro. Chinedu Azodoh and Guy-Bertrand Njoya