Localizing Sustainability for Emerging Markets

After decades of research, thought, conversation, and action around sustainability, the world is at a crossroads between innovation and progress, climate change, and rising inequality in access to food, healthcare, financial services, education, and jobs. It is becoming increasingly clear to regulators, founders, investors, and consumers that business and financial markets will fail to outpace the impact of social and environmental challenges, and that it is time to link profit, people and the planet. Today, the question is: how, in this new world, should capital be used to rebuild and sustain communities, workers, livelihoods and the environment in which we live and exist?This is a broad question with many dimensions — and one that requires nuance as we attempt to approach it.

This white paper is our first endeavor into understanding sustainability as it pertains to emerging markets specifically, and is part of a larger series whose objective is to distill the many dimensions of sustainability in the Middle East and Africa. In it, you will find sector-specific perspectives about the topic as it relates to healthcare, food security, governance, and financial services as well as conceptualizations about conscious investing and ESG more broadly.

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