Supply Chain Technologies in Africa and the Middle East

Supply chains matter and in a globalized world where the exchange of goods and services is inherently entangled, they matter everywhere – collectively and mutually. Their strategic importance has not led to commensurate investment or interest in their efficiency, resilience, and long-term sustainability, presenting an evident use case for technology to drive necessary innovation.

The traditional focus on cost and execution that has long characterized supply chains is slowly losing applicability, especially in a world that is moving toward digitization, localization, and sustainability. We believe that the supply chains of the future will be digital, decentralized and sustainable.

Start-ups have an important role to play in shaping this future. Venture capital does too. We think that we are only scratching the surface of the true potential of innovation in this space - especially in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Supply Chain Tech report is an overview of the supply chain industry globally and regionally, the trends driving and inviting digital disruption, and the position of MEA's entrepreneurs within the global supply chain innovation landscape.

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