2021 MEA EdTech Report

The next decade will be critical for EdTech businesses in emerging markets. Access to education remains limited to many, with gaps only set to widen as the number of learners continues to grow, and high out-of-pocket costs a significant deterrent for many. 

For those who can afford it, quality is still not meeting the requirements of our highly and increasingly digitized economy, nor with the capabilities of modern technology. EdTech has the potential to bridge access and affordability gaps, and update traditional models in ways that reflect, and are relevant to, the direction in which our world is moving.

While it is difficult to predict what education will look like ten years from now, a number of signals and trends are pointing toward a deep reconceptualization. This report explores the global and regional trends propelling the industry into digitization and disruption, from the endless possibilities of AI, VR and ML for education to the global shift in focus from knowledge to skills. At Global Ventures, we are excited about the many opportunities in this space!

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed researching it.

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