2021 MEA Agritech Report

Essential for feeding every human on the planet, agriculture is an industry whose sustainability and
longevity is a global socio-economic priority. It represents 10% of the world’s GDP, and employs 40% of
the workforce. Yet, its importance has not been met by commensurate action and commitment toward
its preservation. Goal 2 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is to achieve zero hunger
by 2030. If business stays as usual, the number of people affected by hunger will surpass 10% of the
global population, from 9% today, and zero hunger becomes an unattainable objective.

The reality is that the world’s population is increasing. Climate change is taking greater control of our
ability to grow and feed sustainably. Economic downturns are threatening food security on a global
scale, and each of these trends is showing no signs of slowing. A profound change in the way we produce food is necessary if we are to achieve zero hunger for the 690 million people who are hungry today, and to feed the additional 2 billion people that will inhabit our planet by 2050.

Enhancing the efficiency of the agriculture sector and building sustainable food systems are, and will
continue to be, critical objectives to curb the global food crisis. Policymakers have opened their eyes to
the dangers of food insecurity.

As the challenges of food and water security continue to manifest in our societies and economies and push for a rethink in the ways we have traditionally produced food, we expect agriculture to undergo significant structural changes over the next decade. Within this transformation, the role of capital allocators is enabling and facilitative. By backing agri-entrepreneurs and their solutions, they are powering their growth, scale and success, ultimately allowing them to maximize the impact of their product on the betterment of people and preservation of our planet.

The 2021 MEA Agritech report is our deep dive into understanding a global challenge, and the
opportunities it presents for both entrepreneurs and investors to build and back the solutions that
leave our planet better than we found it.

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