Democrance enables insurers to access new market segments, particularly in emerging and mobile-first markets. Their technology allows insurers to create and enhance digital sales mechanisms, while increasing operational efficiency and profitability. The platform digitizes and automates the entire value chain of insurance sales from marketing to claims processing. Large and previously untapped customer bases can now be reached profitably, by allowing low-income, uninsured or under-insured populations to buy, pay for, use and claim for insurance through mobile and other digital channels.</p><p>At the same time, other key industries, such as mobile network operators or remittance houses, can connect to the Democrance platform, and deliver insurance protection as a value-added service to their customer base.</p><p>Together, Democrance brings the benefits of insurance protection to those who need it most but can afford it least.
Michele Grosso, Alberto Pérez Domínguez & Damian Dimmich