Ogram expands to Greece!

Ogram, the on-demand digital staffing platform, announces its first international expansion into Greece. After successfully servicing 1,000+ clients with $8M+ paid out to qualified flexible workers – fondly referred to as 'OGs' – across the UAE, the company is now bringing its operations to the vibrant Greek market.

“Ogram is the perfect fit for Greece because of a thriving hospitality sector that is highly dependent on flexible workers. And yet, one of the biggest problems they face is finding staff, largely due to an over-dependence on the informal economy. We offer the solution.

Our platform covers everything from vetting to matching, deployment, attendance, and payments, which includes a first-of-its-kind integration with Ergani (Social Security).

By streamlining the process to fulfill shifts and match gig workers with jobs, we signed up 5000 workers and registered over 200 clients within the first weeks of our launch,” says Greece General Manager Georgios Kalafatis.

Greece is the first step in a wider expansion plan from the UAE-based on-demand staffing platform. Looking to the future, Ogram is planning to enter other new markets with a focus on regions with a strong hospitality sector, a high dependence on flexible workers, and a competitive average hourly wage.

"The Greek market will serve as a gateway into the rest of Europe, as Ogram embarks on its EMEA expansion plan. Greece has long been an adopter of flexible work in hospitality, and is now eager to make it more formal and efficient through our technology-enabled platform,” says Shafiq Khartabil, Ogram’s Co-founder and CEO.

Ogram is calling it ‘The New Workforce ’in reference to a new generation of gig workers that have the tools and autonomy to create their own flexible work schedules. For businesses and individuals, Ogram’s seamless digital platform makes flexible staffing more effective and simple. Stay tuned for more updates from Ogram.