Why we've partnered with Helium Health

Updated: May 11

Global Ventures is excited to partner with Helium Health, West Africa’s leading electronic medical records (EMR) provider, as the need for healthcare data and inclusion in emerging markets becomes more pressing than ever before

Helium Health’s Co-Founders Adegoke Olubusi, Tito Ovia, and Dimeji Sofowora are on a mission to bring robust, intuitive software to large and small healthcare facilities across Africa and emerging markets.

Helium Health is the company transforming the way hospitals collect and use data in Africa, making healthcare radically more efficient and affordable for patients across the continent. Helium offers comprehensive solutions for medical providers, patients and payers, with a product suite that includes hospital management software, fintech, insuretech and telemedicine, as well as what aims to be the largest emerging markets healthcare data exchange. Through its modular and offline roll out, the team at Helium has been able to scale rapidly and find product market fit across both state level and smaller SME healthcare facilities, offering a truly universal solution.

A large number of healthcare facilities in emerging markets continue to rely on paper records, resulting in patients suffering from medical errors caused by a lack of consolidated and consistent information. Helium estimates that doctors in Africa spend c. 10 hours on manual paperwork weekly. There is minimal population data available and limited oversight of the impact of established healthcare programs in most developing countries.

As the global healthcare system is pressured by the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for consistent medical data, as well as optimized and prepared healthcare facilities, is more evident than ever before. The pandemic has highlighted the need for healthcare inclusion across the global population, especially in emerging markets where accessibility to health services lags; there are only 0.2 doctors per 1,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa compared to an average of 3.7 doctors per 1,000 people in Europe.

Helium’s CEO, Goke, reflects “we started out with taking hospitals digital but our vision has always been bigger. We’re building the technology infrastructure to connect a fragmented healthcare sector and power the delivery of quality, affordable, comprehensive care across the continent. The devastating impact of the pandemic is a humbling reminder of how critical responsive and agile health systems are to our collective wellbeing. Only data and technology can produce the required responsiveness and agility to tackle health challenges of this magnitude. It has never been more imperative for Africa to build a modern and digitized healthcare system”.

Since inception, Helium’s solution has been rolled out across 138 facilities with a further 398 facilities in the pipeline. The Company currently has 5,249 medical professionals and 842,000 patients on its platform, recording 145,000 monthly patient visits, giving hospitals access to real-time analytics, reports and trends to help make better decisions. Helium is increasingly able to map patients’ spending patterns and healthcare needs, healthcare providers’ financial realities, and healthcare financiers’ operating processes. This financial data is invaluable for efforts to improve affordability; the cost burden of healthcare in emerging markets is almost 3x that of developed countries.

We are excited by Helium’s ambition to leverage the millions of previously untapped data points through its existing EMR solution to accelerate healthcare accessibility and the digitization of hospitals across emerging markets. The global healthcare landscape is at an important inflection point and we believe that through this global pandemic, emerging technologies will increasingly be adopted to bridge the healthcare inclusion gap. As healthcare becomes a global priority, we are enthusiastic about partnering with an early market leader like Helium as it strives to provide a consolidated source of accurate healthcare data to the emerging markets healthcare sector as it rises to the challenge of Covid-19 and beyond.

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