Global Ventures invests in Egypt based elmenus

Updated: Feb 4

elmenus’ founder Amir Allam

Providing an online food discovery and delivery platform with personalized recommendations to users at the dish-level. This is just one of the reasons why we are excited to partner with elmenus’ founder Amir Allam and his team on their scale-up journey.

Founded in 2011 as a platform for restaurants to post menus and viewers to browse them, elmenus is a now leading, Egypt-based, food-tech startup focused on personalizing food recommendations to users at the dish-level through digitized restaurant menus, reviews, and photos via its online food discovery platform (app and website). Having launched the ability for its users to order food online in 2018, elmenus is well-positioned to disrupt and dominate the online food delivery space, a largely untapped market in Egypt, where it is estimated that only 4% of total food delivery orders are currently processed online.

We saw great potential in what elmenus could develop into as a business and were keen to be part of the continuing growth journey that we witnessed. His vision for creating an online platform that helps consumers browse food on a customized dish-level basis and order via a group ordering mechanism when required, coupled with elmenus’ ongoing efforts in machine learning technology to provide users with the ultimate food ordering experience, resonated with our vision to identify a gap in the online food delivery market and a genuine solution to a consumer pain point in the market.

Amir worked as a CRM Consultant at Oracle Egypt and Link Development previously and he and those around him regularly faced a challenge in deciding what to eat every day. He knew there was a problem that required an innovative and personalized solution that answered the what and not only the where to eat. Hence, he launched elmenus, to help consumers decide what to eat with the help of customized and digitized menus that are constantly updated.

Amir knew from early on that elmenus demonstrated tremendous potential and would undoubtedly realize its growth potential. elmenus’ vision is to provide users with a seamless food discovery, selection and ordering process, eliminating any challenges in the food ordering journey. In addition to providing users with a positive customer experience, elmenus is also focused on providing their partner restaurants with data and insights into how consumers respond to the dishes they make available, helping them to optimize their supply chain as well leverage elmenus as a marketing and user acquisition channel. Having recently launched the fleet online delivery platform resulting in a well-rounded experience for users, elmenus continues to actively implement and improve the solution to food discovery and ordering by making the online ordering journey a frictionless process for its users and partners.

Amir has been highly focused on finding a solution to enhance the online ordering experience for users and provide a genuine partner solution to restaurants in their quest to increase brand awareness and improve consumers’ food related experiences. To date, elmenus has partnered with over 8,000 restaurants across 24 cities and serves over 1.2 million monthly active users. elmenus now offers a full-service model for restaurants, from discovery to order fulfillment, and manages the full value chain and customer journey to ensure a best-in-class user experience that removes the burden of food delivery for restaurants and allows them to focus on creating and offering the best food options. We are excited to be part of the elmenus growth journey going forward and to help them expand their services to their existing partner restaurants and wide user base.

elmenus team

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