Arrow Labs breaks into the US with its disruptive workforce solutions

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

MIMS has successfully disrupted industries such as logistics, hospitality, facility management, security, emergency response, maritime, aviation and transportation, across a number of regions

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Arrow Labs, a Dubai-based technology company has been making a splash both locally and in the US for its innovative technology, MIMS – a field workforce management software designed to improve performance, efficiencies and organizational revenue. In doing so, MIMS has successfully disrupted industries such as logistics, hospitality, facility management, security, emergency response, maritime, aviation and transportation, across a number of regions.

Paired with its wearable and IoT devices, the product enables operations managers to assign tasks, monitor employees and respond on critical matters – all in real-time and on the move. Their MIMS Watch, dubbed the “corporate Apple Watch” by Dubai Eye 103.8, provides cutting-edge benefits of allowing field resources to capture important information and execute tasks while supporting calls, audio files and video streaming.

Arrow Labs has been steadily growing in the UAE over the years, helping power the operations of Middle East clients, while also remotely working with organizations outside the region. In order to respond to the expectations of the growing North American market more efficiently, it became necessary to establish presence on-ground, along with a dedicated local team to facilitate face-to-face client interactions.

The company’s entry into the US has been met with noteworthy response, particularly from the city of Chattanooga, which is in the process of laying out its ambitious tech-driven plans to digitize its municipal workforce.

In a recent meeting between Mayor of Chattanooga, Andy Berke and CEO of Arrow Labs, Rami Darwish, potential digitalization plans for the city were discussed, pertaining to wearable technology, machine vision, data analysis and management of the city’s field assets.

Andy Berke, the Mayor of Chattanooga, stated, “We’re always looking for ways to advance what we do with technology, and we are excited to explore Arrow Labs’ technology and the value it can add to our workforce, businesses and subsequently, the lives of our people.”

Rami Darwish, CEO of Arrow Labs, said, “It is very impressive to witness the technology initiatives that are being undertaken by Mayor Berke and the city of Chattanooga. It is highly encouraging to learn about the future plans of this tech-driven city, and we’re committed to exploring all the possible ways Arrow Labs can help contribute to its success."

The Arrow Labs team in the UAE are based in Dubai Internet City, and offer personalized product demonstrations for businesses that are looking to enhance their field processes and reduce operating costs.

About Arrow Labs

Founded in 2011, Arrow Labs strives to transform the way companies and cities manage field resources through smart technology wearables and services. The company’s mission is to disrupt traditional business models with solutions to manage effectively, automate processes and increase revenue on a whole new level. The systems, built on machine learning, process automation and workforce optimization technology, are designed to elevate the typical workday for the thousands of employees that engage with us.

Pictured: Chattanooga’s Mayor, Andy Berke (left) and CEO of Arrow Labs, Rami Darwish (right)

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