Eslam Darwish

Partner - FinTech

fun facts

Eslam is currently the CEO and Founder at Just.Innovate a tech strategy and development company in Egypt. Eslam has led a notable career in marketing, product development, and business management that has spanned over 20 years across North America, Europe, and MENA. Prior to joining Global Ventures as a Venture Partner, Eslam worked as the Global Senior Vice President of New Product Development at MasterCard. During this time, his role primarily involved leading global marketing strategies as well as product development within multiple industries, including FMCG, banking, media, and fintech. Furthermore, he served as the Head of Marketing at twofour54, a content creation community dedicated to creating high-quality Arabic content, and the Marketing Director at Unilever, Europe. Eslam earned an MBA from Central Michigan University, and completed an Executive Program focused on digital transformation from MIT.

"Technology enables us to impact the lives of millions of people around the world. That's why what Tech Startups do matters and it's why we want to help them push the boundaries of their dreams, ambitions & untapped potential, because at the edge of these boundaries, Mankind uncovers its true genius."