Benjamin Kany


New York, USA
fun facts
  • Avid traveler - has visited all 7 continents
  • Has a fascination with space and astrophysics
  • Baseball fanatic

Ben Kany is a US-based analyst for the Sub Saharan Africa Investment Team and a third-year student at Yale University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. With a concentration in Macroeconomic Theory, he is particularly interested in transitions and chain reactions within models, ideas, companies, and economic settings, and looks to apply those passions to the real-world format of Venture Capital. His experiences include investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, all of which have a bigger purpose behind them. He was an initial investor in BridgeBio (NASDAQ: BBIO), a company that researches and produces drugs for rare genetic diseases, has worked in real estate Private Equity evaluating low-income housing properties in Detroit, Michigan, and has built a national organization at Yale called Scholars of Finance at that combines financial leadership with stewardship. His experiences have allowed him to develop both emerging-market and established-market-based analytical thinking skills that serve him well in any dimension, especially Venture Capital.

Most recently, Ben launched Barista, his own start-up at Yale University. Barista is a subscription-based coffee company that partners users on college campuses with local and sustainable coffee shops, and offers a number of different plans to satisfy the various needs of today’s students. Creating this business has fed his need to be a self-starter and building it in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated his problem-solving, relationship, and creative skills. The opportunity to apply those skills to the work done at Global Ventures is exciting and rewarding on many levels.

"Global Ventures provides me with a unique opportunity to participate in growth – not only at a business level, but also at an intellectual and personal level – while having a bigger impact on the world around us. It is a somewhat chaotic time to be part of Venture Capital – both from an investor and entrepreneur standpoint. But it is also incredibly exciting. And there is no better time to learn about the strength and inner workings of a business, its founders, and its vision than now."